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Welcome to the third edition of the Small Business Hub (SBH) newsletter brought to you by SEIFSA.

It certainly was a busy few months for the team at the SBH. The partnership between Aurik and SEIFSA has certainly alerted us to some of the challenges faced in the Enterprise Development space. The team has had meetings with companies such as Harsco, Lixl, Komatsu, Columbus Steel, and Weir and Howden. We have listened to their experience in the Enterprise Development space in South Africa.

Most reported mixed results, and various levels of success. The Small Business Hub intends to ensure that ESD implementation in the Metals and Engineering industries becomes a consistent and successful experience for the majority of companies – and an intrinsic part of this process is to showcase smaller businesses and position them as potential suppliers to bigger businesses.

Small Business is definitely on everyone’s lips and the need to boost the fortunes of small business is acknowledged far and wide – by policy-makers, all political parties, unions, and the media, and even at the Southern African Metals and Engineering Indaba. However, still lacking is a focused institutionalized, coordinated and well communicated response by the one stakeholder that can make all the difference – Government.

It is part of the reason why the SBH emphasizes “Connecting Resources” as part of its set of goals.


SEIFSA to Host Enterprise Supplier Development Information Session:

“Clearing up the Confusion around ESD”

On 29 November, SEIFSA will host a session with its partner, Aurik, that will answer pertinent questions about the concept of Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD). Currently, there is lots of confusion about the subject. Bigger companies know that they need to implement it. Small companies know that they have an opportunity. However, the two very rarely seem to meet successfully around shared objectives.

SEIFSA and Aurik will clear up the confusion and answer the following questions:

  1. What is ESD?
  2. Why Big needs Small and Why Small needs Big
  3. How small businesses can be part of bigger supplier chains
  4. How do smaller businesses know if they are ready?
  5. How bigger businesses should structure and communicate their ESD imperatives
  6. ESD Approaches and Case Studies that work

Aurik expert and ESD strategist Ms Pamina Bohrer will lead the presentation and discussion on the day.

Therefore, if you are an ESD professional or a Small Business wanting to grow your order book and meet players in the Metals and Engineering industries, join SEIFSA at its offices on 29 November 2018.


In this edition, we focus on learning, hence we turn to the Podcasts from Pavlo Phitidis who answers four key questions:

  1. Business Funding: How to Self-Fund Your Business through its Lifecycle
  2. How to Build a Business with Confidence amidst Uncertainty
  3. How to Build Your Business and Capitalise on a Seemingly Negative Business Environment
  4. How to Build a Resilient Business in a Technical Recession

For more Pavlo Phitidis podcasts, visit

This week we highlight:

The Alarming Truth about the Number
of Small Businesses in South Africa
Entering, Surviving, and Thriving, In a
New Industry Created by New Technologies
Business Funding: How to Self-Fund
Your Business through Its Lifecycle
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