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SBH Newsletter April 2018

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the SEIFSA Small Business Hub (SBH) newsletter.

“Making small business work” is our guiding statement and we intend to make this a reality by “Connecting Resources, Eliminating Barriers and Revealing Prospects”.

Firstly, in our Connecting Resources section, we tell you about our exciting partnership with Aurik Business Accelerator. Secondly, in Eliminating Barriers, we focus on the SEIFSA Awards, which are highly relevant to the small business community. Lastly, in Revealing Prospects, we showcase three opportunities for Small Businesses to take advantage of.

More than 60% of our members are small businesses employing fewer than 50 people. We have a duty to ensure their success and growth. Therefore, our objectives are to:

  • Provide cost-effective products and services addressing the overall needs of SMMEs;
  • Create alliances with outside partners to strengthen the SEIFSA small business proposition;
  • Offer cost-effective support services that are sector-focused and related to SMMEs categories (micro and small);
  • Identify sector- and company-specific challenges, monitor trends and develop specific interventions to improve SME performance;
  • Identify, simplify and facilitate opportunities and linkages to business development and financial services in order for SMMEs to improve productivity and profits, support job creation and achieve economic growth;
  • Ensure a reduced rate of failure of SMMEs through proper coordination of accessible and cost-effective support services; and
  • Lobby for and represent SMMEs’ interests on various issues.

We invite you to visit our website at https://smallbusinesshub.seifsa.co.za/ for more information.


Creating alliances with outside partners to strengthen the SEIFSA small business proposition is second on our list of objectives and we are proud to announce our partnership with Aurik.

Aurik Chief Executive Pavlo Phitidis has over 20 years of experience in conceptualising, starting up and developing businesses. Through a combination of company start-ups, turnarounds, sales and acquisitions for JSE listings. He has brought to market business assets worth over R1-billion.This hard-earned experience provided him with a beginning-to-end view on the business building process, from start-up to sale.

Using his hands-on experience, business capabilities and relationship networks, he supports the growth of entrepreneurs through Aurik Business Accelerator, which he co-founded in 2001. He has built over 400 early-stage and growth-stage businesses into Assets of Value.

The goal for the Aurik and SEIFSA partnership is to develop small business in the metals and engineering industry through getting bigger businesses to recognize opportunities to integrate them into supplier development opportunities and general business development.


SEIFSA is calling for entries for the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence. This is a particularly important opportunity for small business, as SEIFSA wants to find out what is the best practice taking place currently in the industry. In addition, many bigger companies will be in attendance at the gala event on 24 May at the Industrial Development Corporation headquarters in Sandton.

Born out of the need to encourage growth and celebrate excellence in the metals and engineering sector, the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence offer a great opportunity for companies operating in this vital sector to receive well-deserved recognition by industry peers for their capabilities, expertise and innovation.

  • The Most Innovative Company of the Year, which will be awarded to a company that showed the best level of innovation in research and development or production in 2017;
  • The Health and Safety Award of the Year will be offered to a company with the best legal compliance record in Health and Safety or the lowest Lost-Time Injury Frequency rate in 2017;
  • Entries are also invited from companies whose Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme/s in 2017 had a major impact on the lives of their beneficiaries;
  • The company rated the highest in customer service performance in 2017 will receive the Customer Service Award of the Year;
  • The Most Transformed Company of the Year Award will be received by a company that showed the highest transformation level in the composition of its Board of Directors, Executive Management and Managerial Team in 2017 (this award category pits companies employing fewer than 100 people against those of similar size, and companies employing more than 100 companies against others of similar size);
  • This is the Decade of the Artisan, and an award will be made to the company that trained the highest number of artisans in 2017;
  • The Environment Stewardship Award will go to a company that has successfully implemented greening initiatives in its day-to-day business operations in 2017.


We are pleased to present three opportunities for those in our industry to take advantage of:

Manufacture and supply of spacers

An International Automotive and Industrial bearings distributor is looking to appoint a service provider to Manufacture and Supply Spacers. This SME should be based within the Gauteng area.

Distribution and supply of Bolts in the automotive sector

A global Automotive and Industrial bearings distributor is looking to appoint a service provider Source and Distribute Bolts. This SME should be based within the Gauteng area.

Manufacture wooden pallets

A globally integrated Automotive and Industrial bearings distributor is looking to appoint a service provider to Manufacture and Supply Wooden Pallets. This SME should be based within the Gauteng area.

Please respond to these opportunities by 18 April 2018

The SEIFSA Small Business Hub wishes you well in your endeavours. Until the next time.