What is SEIFSA?

The SEIFSA Small Business Hub (SBH) is a department of the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA), created specifically to address the needs of small and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) in Southern Africa to contribute to growth of the economy and the creation of jobs. Small businesses make up 60% of SEIFSA’s membership.

SEIFSA stands for the Steel Engineering Industry Federation for Southern Africa. Its core business is to represent and promote the interests of business in Southern Africa, in particular the metals and engineering industries, through lobbying and capacity building, provision of related services and building of good relations with key stakeholders.


We have a proven track record as our previous work has been successfully audited and verified by SASAS-approved verification agency.

  • Endorsed from a multinational company for which we have successfully implemented a Supplier Enterprise Development Programme.
  • Our focus goes beyond enhancing the B-BBEE score card for our clients.
  • We produce growth-inducing tangible results among your suppliers and selected enterprises.
  • If significant gaps identified within the SMMEs fall outside the scope of your investment, we perform due diligence to link them to other relevant funded programmes.


UNDERSTAND: Understanding your business is a key step to helping you.

EVALUATE: Knowing your business trajectory and where you are in the business growth cycle.

INTRODUCE: Introducing you to other SEIFSA members is a critical part of us assisting you.

MENTOR: Mentoring you as you grow by accessing our experts is our way we express our deep commitment to the industry.

ACCESS: Ensuring that you have access to the right contact people within your circle of peers as well as the bigger businesses in the industry.

PROPOSAL: We assist you with proposals to incentive schemes and government support as well as to larger companies that may need your services.

DEEPEN: Sustainable growth takes a ‘hands on’ approach and adhering to traditional Monitoring and Evaluation so that you are always ready to take advantage to the next opportunity.

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The SEIFSA Small Business Hub will make it possible for small business to:

  • access sound business information, advice and support services at a low cost;
  • have an effective and reliable network of business support service providers who can assist;
  • access business opportunities by connecting through the SEIFSA member company network;
  • facilitate financing;
  • develop appropriate skills and competencies;
  • access to appropriate manufacturing and key trading sites;
  • Enterprise Development

Starting out – the basics

• Research
• Web-based tools
• One-stop shop advice
• Advice: Phone queries
• Queries: Walk-In Office
• Incentive schemes


Packaged help monthly (R150)

• Free Internet access at SEIFSA
• Small meeting rooms available
• Walk-in Office Advice/Consultations
• Funding Options – “How to”


Lessening the administrative load

• Consultancy
• Finance
• Legal
• Industrial Relations
• Health & Safety
• Economics
• Sales & Marketing
• Unearthing resources


SEIFSA Enterprise Development

• Access to SEIFSA Experts
• Supply Chain Readiness
• Business Management Skills
• Partnership with SEIFSA members
• Training & Capacity-Building Master Classes
• Integration into Supply Chain
• BB-BEE partner management