Connecting Resources, Eliminating Barriers, Revealing Prospects

Your business can access the services of the SEIFSA Small Business Hub through its four programmes:

CATALYSE: Is the SBH’s subscription service. If you want the latest news, research, thought leadership and incentive schemes delivered via email, please sign up. In addition, and included in your R50 per month subscription will be a quarterly event at SEIFSA’s offices where you will be able to meet and network with other small business owners and meet like-minded people who may be able to help your business.

PARTNER: SEIFSA opens its offices to you. For a fee of R150 per month, you will be able to book and use SEIFSA’s state-of-the-art boardrooms and facilities. Perhaps you have a strategic session, a presentation or simply schedule time with the SBH feel free to use our facilities.

FREE UP: Is SEIFSA’s consultancy service. The goal here is to alleviate the administrative burden on your small business. SEIFSA has the expertise which can free your time up and add capacity to your business on a consultancy basis. Our consultancy is offered at way below “market rates” as a support service for the small business sector.

INCUBATE: SEIFSA’s Enterprise Development (ED) service. We take you and your businesses and, based on compatibility, introduce your capabilities to bigger businesses and SEIFSA member companies. For established businesses, we consult with you and establish what your ED programme entails.  We have both the network and capability to introduce potential business partners to one another.

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Small Businesses Are:


  • Provide cost effective products and services addressing the overall needs of SMMEs;
  • Create alliances with outside partners to strengthen the SEIFSA small business proposition;
  • Offer cost-effective support services that are sector-focused and related to SMMEs categories (micro and small);
  • Identify sector- and company-specific challenges, monitor trends and develop specific interventions to improve SME performance;
  • Identify, simplify and facilitate opportunities and linkages to business development and financial services in order for SMEs to improve productivity and profits, support job creation and achieve economic growth;
  • Ensure a reduced rate of failure of SMMEs through proper coordination of accessible and cost-effective support services;
  • Lobbying for and representation of SMMEs’ interests on various issues.

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